II. International Rimar Congress of Pure, Applied Sciences

12-13-14 July -2024

Trabzon - Türkiye

The organizing universities:

Agdir Turkish University, Mardin Turkish University, Abai Kazakh University, and several Iraqi universities (Tikrit University, Wasit University, The Iraqi University, Mosul University)


Pure sciences are a fundamental cornerstone in the vast spectrum of human knowledge. These sciences encompass diverse fields including physics, chemistry, life sciences, mathematics, computer science, astronomy, biotechnologies, geology, and many other disciplines. During the 20th century, the world witnessed a series of scientific revolutions that variedly impacted our lives and manifested in multiple domains.

These scientific revolutions reflect the immense progress in sciences and how they influence contemporary human life. Modern human existence now bears an integrative and intertwined essence of these various sciences, leading to a transformation in the nature and content of our daily life.

In this context, Eğdir University and Mardin University  in Turkey,  in collaboration with Rimar Academy of Turkey and in partnership with the University of Baghdad, Iraqi University, and Tikrit University, intends to organize II.Rimar Congress of Pure, Applied Sciences in Trabzon, Türkiye. The conference is scheduled to be held in-person in Trabzon, Türkiye, over the days of July 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2024.

The conference management invites all interested parties, including academic researchers, university professors, scientists, and all those passionate about the fields of pure and applied sciences, to participate in the Remar Conference. This conference aims to be a knowledge asset that contributes to the development of human knowledge, its methodological tools, and to fortify its interconnected intertwined relations.

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