II. International Rimar Congress of Pure, Applied Sciences

12-13-14 July -2024

Trabzon - Türkiye

The organizing universities:

Agdir Turkish University, Mardin Turkish University, Abai Kazakh University, and several Iraqi universities (Tikrit University, Wasit University, The Iraqi University, Mosul University)


  • Promoting Scientific Collaboration: Providing a platform for researchers and scientists to exchange ideas, data, and modern techniques.
  • Supporting Scientific Research: Offering researchers the opportunity to present their studies, receive evaluations, and feedback from experts in the field.
    Professional Development: Conducting workshops and training sessions aimed at enhancing the skills of researchers and scientists.
  • Community Awareness: Focusing on how pure and applied sciences can be utilized to address local and regional issues.
  • Strengthening Regional and International Cooperation: Inviting scholars and researchers from different countries to fortify partnerships and establish collaborative networks.
  • Sustainable Development: Exploring ways in which pure and applied sciences can contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Encouraging research and development in new areas of pure and applied sciences and how to translate these studies into practical applications.
  • Research Publication: Providing opportunities to publish research in recognized scientific journals or in the conference proceedings book.
  • Recognition and Honor: Acknowledging outstanding efforts in the field of pure and applied sciences by distributing awards and certificates.
  • Curriculum Development: Discussing modern educational methods in teaching pure and applied sciences and how to integrate them into academic curricula.

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